Frequently Asked Questions

QSKINZ™ - the best brand for skinz™ on the market

Choosing the right skin maker is the first and most important step because our job is complex and skin manufacturing requires a combination of state-of-the-art technology and human knowledge. You can learn more below.

XactFIT™ is a multi-component and innovative way to create and manufacture the most precise and high-quality skinz™. As a result, we are the only skin maker worldwide that can guarantee a perfect fit for any of our products on all supported devices, not just in words but in reality.

This is a challenging task. All skin brands need help to get even closer to what we offer. It's complex work. We achieve our famous absolute precision by combining three of the most critical factors: unlike other skin maker brands, we use the most expensive state-of-the-art industrial cutting equipment and not conventional sign cutters, the most precise digital industrial measuring equipment and 3D scanners for tailoring every device.

Our final product achieves an accuracy of 0.01mm, which is impossible for our competitors. It's essential because the skinz™ purpose is to be like a second skin on your device and create the effect that the device is custom-made. If you study the market more closely, you will see that due to our impeccable production techniques, we offer unprecedented results - individual cutouts for the speakers of the devices, no matter how miniature they are, separated cutouts for the Xbox Series X vents on the top and much more.

All skins on our website are made with custom 3M materials that offer unprecedented repositioning technology. But why is repositioning essential when choosing a skin for your device? First, it makes the application so much easier because you can move the skin around until you are thrilled with the result, and when you're - press with your fingers to activate the glue and fix the skin to the position you wish.

Most skin brands will only show you the rear part of the device. That's because they only cover the back. It's much easier to tailor a flat, one-part skin, it costs less, it's produced much faster, and the profit margins are more significant. Not with us. Our mission is not just to say that we sell skinz but to make what the skinz™ was meant to be a reality. We offer side, top and bottom skinz™ for 90% of the devices we support. And that's the most challenging part of our job, but also what makes us different. Thanks to the complex technologies in our XactFIT™ process, we can create a precise full-body skinz that conforms to the individual curves of the device for a highly natural and perfectly fitting final product.

Without doubt! We at EasySkinz™ design, create, produce and ship to you - directly, all of the skinz™ in our catalogue. The complete A-to-Z control ensures that you will only receive quality-checked, perfect products without exception. Our factory and design studio are based in the United Kingdom. We ship directly to all countries worldwide with our trusted shipping providers.

The device skin industry is one of the very few when it's tough to stand out of the crowd - it requires a lot of knowledge and investments. As a result, 99.9% of the companies (our competitors, if we can even call them that) take the easy way - minimum covers, only rear skins, cheap materials, cheap cutters, or import of cheap skins from abroad. That's alright because it makes the gap between them and us even more significant, and you, as a customer, can notice the difference from first sight if you compare EasySkin with any other skin on the market. Finally, and most importantly - we focus on creating art rather than just products. Creativity is one of our driving powers for us.

We're honoured to have been awarded the most prestigious business award - the Queen's Award for Enterprise in 2019. Only a few companies every year are selected for it. As with other awards, you must meet the following criteria: impeccable business conduct, ethics, innovation, and dedication. We possess all these qualities.

Yes, the word skinz™ is our registered trademark. If you spot other sellers using "skinz" in their brand names - do not trust them, but instead report the violation to our team at

Country-Specific Delivery details

Information about the most asked questions for customers outside the UK

There’s no need to worry – you can still place your orders and shop as normal at QSKINZ. We’re taking every measure to ensure that your shopping experience remains unchanged. As we are IOSS compatible, it means that you do not have to deal with custom clearance and additional fees in your country - the package will come straight to you.

We are located in the UK, and although our delivery is relatively fast, you don't have to pay any sales tax when shopping on our website, nor will you have to deal with customs on receipt due to the current agreement between the US and the UK. That's great news because your order with us will be much cheaper without additional unnesserly fees.

In the UK we offer 2 options:

No-Rush Delivery: up to 5 business days (+ 3 business days for processing)

Expedited Delivery: up to 3 business days (+3 business days for processing)

Both shipping options come with a tracking number, SMS and email notifications from Royal Mail or DPD.

If there is a slight delay, please allow a few more days before contacting us.

Delivery time to Europe is up to 15 business days (weekends and public holidays are excluded).

Please, always add the 3 business days for processing (we produce all skins excludively for you).

If your order is a little late, please allow a few more days - many factors may affect the delivery so you do not have to contact us during that time.

Delivery time to USA is up to 10 business days (weekends and public holidays are excluded) + 3 business days for processing (this is the time we need to produce the skins exclusively for you).

We use FedEx Cross Border, part of the FedEx network. It's not the very expensive express service, but it's very reliable and provides really good shipping time for the price. You will get email notifications and a tracking number.

If there is a slight delay, please allow a few more days before contacting us.

Delivery time all countries, except UK, Europe, USA, Australia, Singapore etc. is up to 25 business days (weekends and public holidays are excluded) + 3 business days for processing (this is the time we need to produce your skins, because we only sell made-to-order products).

If there is a slight delay, please allow a few more days before contacting us.

We are manufacturer. All skins are made-to-order for you. We can't offer a next-day service because we always need up to 3 business days to process or produce your order. Remember to add those 3 business days to the calculations, even if you had a tracking number assigned to your order immediately. The waiting is more, but we prefer to produce all skins exclusively for our customers.

As we mentioned above, everything we sell is made under one roof. Although everything nowadays is so expensive, we decided not just to freeze all prices since 2014 but also to double the special offers we provide to our loyal and new customers. We will keep them for as long as possible while improving, not sacrificing our quality.

Delivery Information

All information related to the delivery of your order

As proud winners of the Queen's Award for Enterprise in International Trade category, we certainly ship worldwide - every single country, to be exact. Shipping costs will apply and will be added at checkout. We recently added an improved shipping experience by offering fast and secure FREE WORLDWIDE delivery for orders above £30 (30 GBP, British Pound Sterling). Remember - if you switch to another currency during checkout, you can use Google to see how much you need to spend in your local currency to meet the £30 (GBP, British Pound Sterling) threshold. Always round this amount to be sure that the option will be triggered. The FREE SHIPPING applies when you reach £30 after discounts. For example if you use a discount code and the subtotal is below £30, you won't see the FREE SHIPPING option.

It depends on where you are. Orders processed from the United Kingdom will take 3-5 business days to arrive, depending on the type of service you have selected. Orders with a delivery address in Europe usually take up to 15 business days. Orders to the rest of the world take up to 25 business days. We have improved our delivery services, and now every package comes with the new and improved barcoded shipping label for the United Kingdom and some remote countries. Please, remember that in current situation it's possible to receive your order a bit earlier, or a bit later than the promises approximate times. This is completely normal, so you can always allow a few more days before reaching out to us in case your order is delayed.

We use the British postal operator - RoyalMail or FedEx Cross Border for our international deliveries. You will see the exact shipping service at checkout. For Europe we also offer more economical shipping solution without tracking, but very reliable. The TRACKED service does not promise faster delivery, it's used to provide more protection and confidence in case you decide to use it.

Your estimated delivery time is in your Shipping Confirmation email. This is the second email you have received from us when you shipping details were updated. For easier management, we separate all deliveries into three zones - UK, Europe and Rest of the world. So, when you look at your Shipping confirmation email, consider your country into one of these 3 categories and check the estimated waiting time for this zone. Remember that all timeframes are in BUSINESS DAYS, a business day is any day between Monday and Friday only (we do not count weekends, nor national holidays). If your order is reaching the promised delivery time, but it's not there yet, please allow a little more time - the promises times are approximate and different factors around the world may cause delays.

Unlike many other companies, our product fits in a letter-size envelope, and we use standard post, which makes deliveries to a PO BOX acceptable.

For Australia only: we noticed that deliveries to a PO BOX or a locker are oftenly lost. Avoid using PO BOX or Locker Box in your address, but instead use your residential address.

For the USA: we noticed that FedEx Cross Border is having troubles sometimes to deliver to a PO BOX. Please, avoid using those and instead use your residential address.

For orders with DPD: to some destinations you will see a DPD option during checkout, which is faster service. DPD, nor its partners, delivers to a PO BOXes, so please do not use PO BOX address if you opt for this shipping solution.

We can deliver to your permanent residential address or your place of employment. As we use standard post, your package can arrive at any address. In case you're using a company address, we advise you to put "FAO:" before your name. This helps pass the mail to you by whoever is receiving the business mail. If you work for a larger company, you may also add STAFF ID and the company name so to be sure that once received, the letter will be passed to you.

For UK only: we've noticed that frequently mail sent to business addresses is either lost in transit, delivered to the wrong commercial unit, or lost in the workplace. Please, try avoid using business addresses. Our package is a letter-size and does not require a signature, so even if you are not at home - it will be put in your letterbox and you can see it when you go back home.

Once processed and packed by our excellent team in the UK, your package will be collected by RoyalMail, FedEx Cross Border or DPD and will start moving throughout their network. If you are in the UK the package will arrive as any other daily delivery you usually receive by RoyalMail, and yes - in most cases, the package goes straight through your door letterbox. Every UK package now travels with full tracking service. If you are ordering from abroad, the couriers may take a bit longer to process the mail. If you opted for a tracked service, you will see the update, but not immidiately after we update the tracking to you. Then, the package will be boarded on their cargo planes to your country. Once the package reaches your country it will be handled by your local post or a courier they partner with and therefore delivered again as you usually receive letters, bank statements, bills and etc. on paper by them. If you order is travelling with FedEx Cross Border, when you look at the tracking page, you will notice that there is a space for a "Tracking number" and the number there will be different than the one in your order. When you want reach your local post and discuss the delivery with them, please use this tracking number, rather than the FedEx one. For some deliveries you will also see VIEW MORE TRACKING button on the tracking page which will trasnfer you the local post/courier who will be delivering your package in your country.

It is up to the customer to provide a valid address as per their local post's requirements. Some countries have very specific requirements, and we simply print the address as provided by the customer. Therefore please provide all the required information to ensure a smooth and faster delivery experience.

That's normal. We assign the tracking number at the first step of the order's processing. We need up to 3 business days to complete your order, and then RoyalMail or the other carrier may need a little more time from the moment they are in physical possession of your package until it scans the tracking and updates the information online. The couriers collect the items from us in bags, but they need time to open and scan each and every package and update the information online. Always focus on the approximate delivery time for your country, rather than the real-time updates on the tracking page.

We always count BUSINESS DAYS (you can see that we always mention 'business days' in your emails). A BUSINESS DAY is any day between Monday and Friday (weekends and public holidays are excluded).

1. You place your order on Thursday, 01 March;
2. The first email from us says that we need up to 3 business days to process the order (understand - produce it for you);
3. In the meantime, you may receive another email with assigned tracking details, but this does not affect the processing time;
4. The 3rd business day will be Tuesday, 06 March;
5. Then, for example, we say that orders to Europe take up to 15 business days. So these are 3 weeks when we exclude the weekends. So you should receive your order by 27 March or sooner.

This is a very approximate time. Since COVID-19 we have experienced many situations worldwide that have led to longer deliveries. That's why we mention the maximum possible time, but it's not excluded that you may receive your order much sooner. Therefore, please wait for the time to pass before contacting us.

We always try to send all orders as soon as possible, so if you need to change your address, make sure to inform us via email at in the following timeframe:

For UK orders: maximum 3 hours after placing your order

For international orders: maximum 4 hours after placing your order

*Update: because most of our colleagues work from home, we can no longer guarantee that address change would be possible. We've added a "Review" step during checkout to ensure you will double-check your provided address. Make sure to check twice before completing the payment, because changes after the payment step are not guranteed.

We proudly produce all of our skins in the United Kingdom and we fulfil 100% of our orders from here. We have a full and complete A-to-Z operation - everything is designed, produced and shipped/processed under one roof. We're NOT a dropshipping website. :)

For the UK: no, because we ship everything from within the UK.

For Europe: no, because we use IOSS, which means that we pay everything in advance, and you receive your package like it was sent from within the European Union

For the USA: no, you do not because the threshold is very high. You do not have to pay Sales Tax either, which makes the shopping experience with us very affordable.

For other countries: in most cases, no, but every country has its own rules that we can't change or control. If you are shopping from abroad, we do not charge you 20% VAT, so even if the local post asks you to pay VAT, you will not be out of pocket. Ensure to comply with your local regulation to receive your package because if it's returned because it was not reclaimed, we can't offer a refund.

Order Issues

All information related to the ordering process

We aim to dispatch all orders as soon as possible - up to 3 business days maximum. So, for example, placing your order on Friday afternoon may need to be fulfilled by Tuesday. if there's a national holiday, such as but not limited to - Bank Holidays, Christmas, New Year, etc., please do allow a few more days, because we and the post may be closed. After significant sale events such as Black Friday and Boxing Day, we receive more orders than usual, which may cause delays in order processing for a few days.

Unfortunately, we're unable to make any changes to your order. We have a "Review" step during checkout where we kindly ask you to check all the details, including the products and your address, and then confirm and pay. After the payment step, we're, unfortunately, unable to help. If you want, email us at hello @, and we will do our best. However, the chances are minimal that we could amend it. If you ordered the wrong item, please wait for it to arrive, accept it, and request a return. We offer 31-day returns from the moment you receive the item, so you can always change your mind.

We will always ensure sorting out any issues with faulty items straight away.
As soon as you discover a fault, please get in touch with us via email at and include the following information to speed things up:

1. Your 6-digit order number
2. Description of the fault
3. Pictures of the fault

We will always ensure sorting this out straight away. If one of the items you received isn't what you ordered, please send us an email at with the following information:

1. Your 6-digit order number
2. Picture of the item/s received and the full content of your delivery
3. The name of the item you wanted to receive initially

Once you place your order, it can only be cancelled once you receive it. Many people need to pay more attention to the right of return with the right of cancellation. They are both the same. Cancellation does not mean stopping the order but accepting a return and cancelling the contract with the customer (when the customer returns the order in the same condition). This is a good thing, and we also offer double the legally required return period - up to 31 days from when you receive the order. So you can change your mind with our no-questions-asked returns. Still, we won't be able to stop or cancel the order before the moment you get it - it is technically impossible, especially at a time when we work from home and every department is separated. 

Update: because most of our colleagues work from home, we can no longer guarantee that any changes will be accepted. We've added a "Review" step during checkout to ensure that you will double-check the address and all products you are purchasing. Remember that you can ALWAYS request a return when you receive your order. We can only guarantee changes after the fulfilment.

We want you to love our products, and we're sad to hear that you're even considering a return. But of course, we offer extended 31 days returns. For more details, please read through our complete Refund Policy - HERE

Please email us at because more than 45% of people return an item for a problem that is easy to resolve. So give us a chance to explain more and help you. 

Please, only send something back once we respond to your email, which contains instructions for you to follow. 

Please, carefully check the following possible scenarios:

1. We may have included a special notice that one or more of the ordered products need to be included and will be sent separately without additional shipping charges. This happened when we couldn't produce the item on time or faced some particular issues.

2. If you have ordered 2 or more skins to reduce the amount of packaging we use, we may have put them in one package - open the package with the skin and check inside. It might not be very comfortable, but this is one of the things we do to lessen our environmental impact.

3. We made a mistake and missed sending out one of your items: we're extremely sorry if that's the case. Please email us as soon as possible at, and we will resolve this immediately.

This is the last thing we want to hear, and we're sorry if we've missed helping you out on time. All you have to do is email us at, and we will resolve any issue you might have and support you entirely until you're delighted.

The QSKINZ™ Brand and our Products

We are the world's only award-winning skin maker

We at EasySkinz, always aim to provide you with the best possible experience. Part of the process is to develop and produce outstanding products. Therefore announced on the 23rd of April 2019, EasySkinz has been honoured with a 2019 Queen’s Award for Enterprise in International Trade. This is the world's most prestigious business award, personally approved by Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II.

We are located in the United Kingdom, but we ship our products worldwide - fast and efficiently. As holders of the Queen's Award for Enterprise in the International Trade category, we aim to consider ourselves a Global brand. We'd be happy to serve you no matter where you're located.

QSKINZ was established back in 2014 in the United Kingdom. We have been providing you with the world's best skins ever since, and we constantly improve our products and services to meet your highest expectations.

EasySkinz is a trendy brand on social media. We have a Snapchat account, Facebook Page, Instagram account, Twitter, Pinterest, YouTube, TikTok, etc., with more than 800,000+ followers. You can check the bottom of our website for links to our social media accounts.

We produce all of our skins but have yet to offer custom skins because our machines have large quantities at once. This may change at any one time, so make sure to refer to the information provided on our website.

We ship all orders from our warehouse in the United Kingdom to any part of the world.

Our skins are unique, proudly designed, and 100% produced by our team in the United Kingdom.

We are certainly NOT a dropshipping website. We produce our products and ship them to you from the United Kingdom. We don't rely on somebody else and are both a manufacturer and a direct-to-consumer seller.

Great news! You have one of our unique skins, and now it's time to apply it to complete the look. We have prepared dedicated Install Videos to ease this process and to help you achieve the best possible results. We may not have videos for all devices, but you can use any other video because the installation process is always the same.

A few essential steps that can't be missed are:

1. Use a hair dryer around your device to soften the edges and all curved parts. Don't worry - this will not cause any damage to your device. 

2. Before application, clean your device to perfection to avoid any dust or dirt left behind, which may cause bumps and bubbles. 

3. Watch one or more of our install videos here:

4. Do not stretch the skins to cover all gaps - some gaps must stay as they were designed (for example for antennas and other important parts).

If you've got one of our screen protectors with your skin, install it before the skin. The newer devices come with edge-to-edge screens. Therefore we no longer have skins for the front part of the phone, which means you can apply your screen protector on the front and the skin on the rest of your device.

Payments, Gift Vouchers, Promotions

All information related to the financial part of the business

We pride ourselves on offering the broadest possible payment options for your convenience. And we will never charge you any payment fees. Here are some of them:

- All major debit and credit cards, including American Express (great way to earn points), Discover & Diners Club
- PayPal
- Amazon Pay (use your Amazon account and the Amazon's A-to-Z protection, automatically)
- Skrill (this system offers complex local payment options depending on your country.
- Coins, such as Bitcoin and Litecoin
- Apple Pay (make sure you are visiting our website from the Safari browser)
- Google Pay (also known as GPay. It's advised to use Chrome browser to make this payment even faster)
- Klarna (United Kingdom only) - Buy Now, Pay in 30 days regardless of the amount, or pay in 3 equal interest-free monthly instalments if your order is above £35 after discounts and shipping
- Clearpay (United Kingdom & Australia only) - pay in 4 interest-free instalments every 2 weeks, regardless of the order's total.
- LAYBUY (United Kingdom, Australia & New Zealand only) - pay over 6 weeks interest-free, regardless of the order's total.

- Bancontact - for customers in Belgium

- iDEAL - for customers in the Netherlands

Unfortunately, COD is not supported because we are based in the United Kingdom. But Skrill, one of the payment platforms we support, provides local payment options. So select Skrill during checkout and see what cash options are available for your country.

We usually charge your account at the moment of your order. However, it may take 3-5 business days to see the actual transaction in your bank statement.

Our main currency is GBP - British Pound Sterling (£). And all prices are listed in GBP unless you have chosen another currency or you automatically transfered to the best currency for your location. To change the currency from GBP to another one, please go to the bottom of the website where you will find a drop-down button with the currencies.

You can see the "Buy with Apple Pay" option on our website from a Mac device, iPad or iPhone only on the Safari browser. If you're currently logged in via Facebook/Instagram browser, Chrome or any other, visit our Safari website, and you will see the option. When paying with Apple Pay, make sure that your shipping address is up-to-date because this way of payment is faster, and sometimes it's possible to select the wrong address, which may cause issues with your order arriving on time. The other option is to download our free mobile app (available for both iOS and Android), called EasySkinz, and you can see the Apple Pay option on it as well.

This is a very convenient and easy way to pay for your order. If you have saved your card in your Google Account, you can select Google Pay option during checkout or even in the cart section to complete your order using the details from your Google Account. As this payment method offers a faster and shortened checkout experience, please ensure that the shipping address is up-to-date to avoid any delays or issues with your order. You can also download our free mobile app (available for both iOS and Android), called EasySkinz, where the shopping and payment experience is much better.

We're delighted to offer you an Amazon Pay payment method without extra charges. When selecting Amazon Pay during checkout, you will be asked to log in with your Amazon account and see all stored cards and addresses from your Amazon account. Please select the correct address, check it at least twice to ensure it's up-to-date, and select the payment card you prefer. When you place your order with Amazon Pay, you will be fully covered by Amazon's A-to-Z protection, even though you're placing an order at our website and not Amazon directly. We will dispatch all orders paid with Amazon Pay as usual, and Amazon will not fulfil them.

Of course, you can. This is one of our most popular payment methods that give you flexibility and protects your order. We will never refuse support or help if you have an issue, so no matter what payment method you've used, make sure to get in touch with us directly at

If your payment was
declined, then we have yet to charge you, and your order was not placed. It is essential to place your order again. Possible reasons for this issue and how to solve them:

1. A temporary issue with your bank's systems. It happens sometimes, so placing your order again should resolve the issue;

2. Wrong billing address - the billing address must always be the same as the one specified in the bank that issued your card (or PayPal account etc.). You can use a different shipping address, but the billing address must always be accurate; otherwise, your payment might be cancelled by the payment provider;

3. For EU and UK customers: your bank might be supporting the new strong customer authentication, which means that every time you place an order online, you will be sent an SMS message with a unique code. If that's the case and the system requires you to provide this code during payment, make sure it is entirely correct; otherwise, your payment might be declined;

4. Your card does not allow international payments for some reason: speak with your bank and ask them if it can be used on international websites for online payments or use PayPal, which should solve the issue in most cases.

Sales tax is charged in the USA, but we are based in the United Kingdom, so if you're buying from the United States, you won't be charged any sales tax. For UK customers ONLY: we charge VAT, but it is already included in the final price and will not be charged separately.

Our website is based in the United Kingdom, which is not part of the European Union; therefore we can't issue the VAT invoice known from the past. You can use your email receipt as an invoice.

It is straightforward, as with any other online retailer.

Step 1: Select your product and open the product's page

Step 2: Click "Add to basket" to place the item you want to buy in your Shopping Cart

Step 3: Once you've finished shopping, click the bag icon to view all items in your cart. When ready, select "Check out" to continue.

Step 4: Complete your information and provide accurate details, address, phone etc;

Step 5: Click on the "Continue to Shipping" button and select your preferred shipping method available for you.

Step 6: Click "Continue to payment" and select your preferred payment method.

Step 7: Click on "Review" and double-check all the details

Step 8: Click "Pay Now" to complete your order. This is also the step when you need to confirm the billing address - if it is not the same as the shipping address, select "Use different billing address" to complete this section. The billing address must always be the same as the one held by your bank for this payment card, in particular, to ensure fast and successful payment.

If you are using our website's mobile version: discount code should be applied during Checkout (the step following the Cart). At the top of the page, just before filling out your details and under our logo, you need to click on the "Show order summary". An expandable section will appear, and you can apply your discount code in the special "Gift card or discount code" field, followed by confirmation by clicking on the "Arrow" icon next to it. 

For desktop users: when you are ready with your shopping and continue to Checkout from the Cart section, you will find your Order Summary on the right. You will also see the dedicated field, "Gift card or discount code". Write your code there and then confirm by pressing the "Apply" button next to it. 

Remember: if your discount code is not accepted, it might be because we already have an active SALE events and most SALE events are incomatible with additional discount codes.

Discount codes are great, and we know how much you love them. However, we may offer them from time to time on different occasions, for example, if you subscribe to our newsletter or have placed an order with us and got your loyalty discount code. These may change at any one time, so make sure to explore our website for possible current promos. Please remember that discount codes, in most cases, can't be used with any other offer, so your code might not be accepted if, for example, we have another seasonal sale at the current moment; as such, "Black Friday" gives you greater discounts.

You should have received an email confirmation that we issued a refund. From this moment, please allow 3 to 5 business days until your bank credit bank the refunded by us amount. If you returned your order and still need a refund confirmation email, we may still need your return. Once we receive your return, we usually need 1-3 days to process and arrange the refund. We will contact you via email if we need to ask you something regarding your return. Please, refer to our Refund Policy which explains how to prepare your return. It is essential to include your order number and details. Otherwise, we may need to recognise who is sending the order back. When possible, always use a tracked delivery for your return, or request a free proof of posting from the post office upon sending your order back to us.

Klarna, Clearpay and LayBuy

Information about Buy Now Pay Later services

Want to buy skins, but pay for them later? Klarna gives you a chance to try before you buy. Shop now but pay later. Just select Buy now, pay later with Klarna’ at the checkout!

- 30 days to pay
- No account sign up needed
- You must be 18 and a UK resident
- No credit application
- Klarna emails payment instructions straight to you

If you spend more than £35, you can spread the cost into 3 equal monthly interest-free payments. If your order total is above £35 and you select 'Buy now, pay later with Klarna' during checkout, you will see this option.

Shop now. Pay later. Always interest-free. We’re making it easier to get what you want when you want it.

How does it work?
Clearpay offers instalment plans for online shoppers. Buy what you want today, and pay it in 4 instalments, interest-free.

1. Add items to the basket, and choose Clearpay at checkout.
2. follow the instructions and complete your checkout. Clearpay’s proprietary platform makes it quick and easy to get approved and keep shopping.
3. Your purchase will be split into 4 payments, payable every 2 weeks.

What do you need?
1. A debit or credit card
2. To be over 18 years old
3. Be a UK resident

Laybuy lets you spread payments (interest-free) over 6 weekly instalments

1. Select Laybuy as your payment method at checkout
2. Login or sign up for an account in minutes
3. Choose your payment day & select pay now
4. All done! Payments will be taken each week automatically

Pay your first instalment when you order. The remaining 5 payments will automatically be taken each week on your selected payment day from the debit or credit card you entered at checkout. All payment information including a payment schedule can be viewed anytime through your Laybuy account.

What you need to get started:
1. A UK, Australia or New Zealand bank account
2. Be 18 years of age or older
3. A UK, Australia or New Zealand residential address

Partnerships & Wholesale

Information for influencers and resellers

We would love to hear more about your channel and discuss possible collaboration. We receive many requests, and we can't accept all of them, but please simply follow these steps:

1. Check if we support the device you plan to use for your review.
2. Send us an email at with the details below.
- Link to your YouTube/Instagram channel/account
- How have you heard about EasySkinz?
- The device's model which you plan to use for your review
Our team will get back to you shortly if we approve your request.

EasySkinz is the world's only manufacturer of skins for electronic devices honoured with the Queen's Award for Enterprise - the most prestigious Royal recognition any business could ever get. Proven in years, we've provided our customers with outstanding service and products of the highest possible quality since 2014. We produce and design all of our skins in the United Kingdom, but EasySkinz is a famous brand worldwide.
We would be happy to hear your story and offer options to become an authorised reseller of our products. You will be selling products from an established brand, guaranteeing success. Many people worldwide would be pleased to have a local retailer who sells the original EasySkinz products.
We expect and are happy to receive more information about you, your business, your location and your plans.
You can get in touch with us at