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Blast Into Hyper-Style

Discover the new collection: a bold leap into the future with QSKINZ. Featuring vivid, futuristic designs that transform your device into a masterpiece of style. Next level of device personalisation and aesthetic revolution


Master Your Style with QSKINZ™: Redefine Device Aesthetics

Choosing the right skin maker is the first and most important step because our job is complex, and skin manufacturing requires a combination of state-of-the-art technology and human knowledge. You can learn more below.

XactFIT™ is a multi-component and innovative way to create and manufacture the most precise and high-quality skinz™. As a result, we are the only skin maker worldwide that can guarantee a perfect fit for any of our products on all supported devices, not just in words but in reality.

This is a challenging task. All skin brands need help to get even closer to what we offer. It's complex work. We achieve our famous absolute precision by combining three of the most critical factors: unlike other skin maker brands, we use the most expensive state-of-the-art industrial cutting equipment and not conventional sign cutters, the most precise digital industrial measuring equipment and 3D scanners for tailoring every device.

Our final product achieves an accuracy of 0.01mm, which is impossible for our competitors. It's essential because the skinz™ purpose is to be like a second skin on your device and create the effect that the device is custom-made. If you study the market more closely, you will see that due to our impeccable production techniques, we offer unprecedented results - individual cutouts for the speakers of the devices, no matter how miniature they are, separated cutouts for the Xbox Series X vents on the top and much more.

All skins on our website are made with custom 3M materials that offer unprecedented repositioning technology. But why is repositioning essential when choosing a skin for your device? First, it makes the application so much easier because you can move the skin around until you are thrilled with the result, and when you're - press with your fingers to activate the glue and fix the skin to the position you wish.

Most skin brands will only show you the rear part of the device. That's because they only cover the back. It's much easier to tailor a flat, one-part skin, it costs less, it's produced much faster, and the profit margins are more significant. Not with us. Our mission is not just to say that we sell skinz but to make what the skinz™ was meant to be a reality. We offer side, top and bottom skinz™ for 90% of the devices we support. And that's the most challenging part of our job, but also what makes us different. Thanks to the complex technologies in our XactFIT™ process, we can create a precise full-body skinz that conforms to the individual curves of the device for a highly natural and perfectly fitting final product.

Without doubt! We at QSKINZ™ design, create, produce and ship to you - directly, all of the skinz™ in our catalogue. The complete A-to-Z control ensures that you will only receive quality-checked, perfect products without exception. Our factory and design studio are based in the United Kingdom. We ship directly to all countries worldwide with our trusted shipping providers.

As we mentioned above, everything we sell is made under one roof. Although everything nowadays is so expensive, we decided not just to freeze all prices since 2014 but also to double the special offers we provide to our loyal and new customers. We will keep them for as long as possible while improving, not sacrificing our quality.

The device skin industry is one of the very few when it's tough to stand out of the crowd - it requires a lot of knowledge and investments. As a result, 99.9% of the companies (our competitors, if we can even call them that) take the easy way - minimum covers, only rear skins, cheap materials, cheap cutters, or import of cheap skins from abroad. That's alright because it makes the gap between them and us even more significant, and you, as a customer, can notice the difference from first sight if you compare Qskin with any other skin on the market. Finally, and most importantly - we focus on creating art rather than just products. Creativity is one of our driving powers for us.

We're honoured to have been awarded the most prestigious business award - the Queen's Award for Enterprise in 2019. Only a few companies every year are selected for it. As with other awards, you must meet the following criteria: impeccable business conduct, ethics, innovation, and dedication. We possess all these qualities.


Tech Wrap Mastery

Who needs a garage when your tech can sport car-envy wraps? QSKINZ brings you the thrill of the race track with unique, scratch-shielding skinz™. Gear up for style that stands the test of time - no pit stop needed!

Contemporary Skinz™ crafted to perfection

Our exceptional know-how model enables us to combine a beautiful designs with state-of-the-art robotic technology to create a product that's not just a quality skin, but steps up the game by offering unbeatable precision & flawless application each and every time. We call it freedom to create. You call it ultimate satisfaction. 






Inspired by nature, our AGATE GEODE collection mark an important milestone towards implementing the beauty of the natural wonders into our extraordinary skins. 



QSKINZ is the world's first and only award-winning skin maker. Below we're welcoming you to become part of our story and mission.



QSKINZ reshapes the consumer electronic accessory market by making a novelty products (Skins) that enhance your individuality. From our talented and experienced designers through the State-Of-The-Art digital cutting machines to the fine craftsmanship, we push ourselves to overcome all challenges and create a true piece of art. All skins are Made in the United Kingdom



Our innovative concept targets to solve a well-known problem. Skins provide protection against scratches by directly sticking onto your device. This is the only way to ensure that no dust or dirt will be allowed and the device itself will be preserved from scratches and wear & tear signs. Moreover, you can keep enjoying your device's original shape and weight, because Skins do not add any bulk. 



At the core of our success story stands the fact that we use the world's most premium pioneering materials by 3M to produce next-level skins. Making the most of the air-channel technology, flexibility and repositioning adhesive, QSKINZ is always a few steps ahead of achieving uncompromising final results. The future for some is already a tradition for us. 

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